Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Video games aren't my whole life D:

Anyways, renewed my subscription for World of Warcraft
Back to a Blood Elf Hunter, got to level 13 last night, I'm so hardcore

Realm: Area 52
Name: Felcraft

Join me <3

Monday, October 11, 2010


Does the human eye...
Remind you of anything?
Anything in particular?
Sort of like...
I don't know...
Maybe a...
Black hole?
Because that's what I think when
 I see an image like this.
Black Hole
Sucks me in
I can't look away, it's weird
All credit goes to:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Day of the Dead

Mutalisks and Corruptors are the heroes of this story. This was the make it or break it game. Was I going to continue playing today? Or was I going to quit for ANOTHER week and come back whenever I next feel the urge to?

Well, we started the game, I started off thinking it was going to be TZvTZ, then I realized it was ANOTHER TTvTZ, me being the only Zerg. Doing something different this round, I spent the whole first 10 minutes only creating Spinecrawlers. Partner got in a scan, found out they both had starports and nuclear reactors, expecting air combat, started to make a loooot of Sporecrawlers, they'll come back into play later

I get some more Drones made, get more minerals, and start making a Spire
While my Spire is being built, my teammates base gets attacked by 4 Battle Cruisers, a LOT of other Terran air units, and a buncha Marines/Marauders
While he's spending time destroying my teammates base, he leaves and I get all his minerals. At first I was afraid I wouldn't have enough minerals to defend, but I got at least 3500 minerals AND gas, enough to make a lot of Mutalisks
While he's still destroying my partners stuff, I create around 15 Mutalisks, fly in and DESTROY EVERYTHING

A bunch of Mutalisks died, so I went back and made some more, with some Corruptors, I lied, the Corrupters didn't help, at all, really, I just liked the image.
Anyways, I think I'm going to win, from the left-over from the scan, all I can see are some few buildings, I fly in

This is the cool part

When I get there

Hear me out guys

There were


There were like, 10 Battle Cruisers, a bajillion other air units and a bunch of marines.

>my face when I see that

Let me play you the RAGE of my peoples

I hate Starcraft II so much, no matter what race I play as, no matter what
tactics I use, what map I play on, 
nothing helps me.

Let me give you my little rage-vent of my day in the life of a Zerg King/Queen (would I be a queen, despite being a male, since the leader is the Queen of Blades?)

Started off doing a 2v2
Did pretty good, made a lot of Roaches, my partner was a Terran, he did MMM. We won, enemies didn't have good enough defenses, he messaged me afterwards saying I was good. I didn't even do anything, all my Roaches died. Anyways, I started playing games with him, next tried a Zergling-Rush. Failed miserably, we lost horrifically

I blamed it on the enemies just being insanely good, he agree'd, but I went to Terran. Game started, one of the opponents left, this'll be an easy win, WE THOUGHT.
Get to his base with a lot of Marines, he did MMM again. Get there, there are at LEAST a BAJILLION HYDRALISKS THERE TO MURDER US. I don't know how he got so many, and they kept showing up, there was NO END

Anyways, after that I tried a Hydralisk rush, couldn't get enough, failed, et cetera
Next tried a Mutalisk rush, failed again
Next another Zerg rush, failed again

Then the last match, I'll post that.

In another blog post, this is the lengthy one.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Robolution Review

Spoilers: If you haven't beaten the most recent add-on for Borderlands, I wouldn't want to read now if I was you.

and finally, the review of the Glorious Robolution add-on for Borderlands.

I must say. Not as good as I was hoping. A lot of the same enemies, but revamped, which I wasn't expecting. Spiderants came back, eww, I hate them, and there were a LOT of them, 3 of the elemental ones on the screen at the same time is kinda hard to take care of

Not so many bosses, and the bosses we had were, OMG, revamps of old bosses.
Every enemy, pretty much, is either a Claptrap, Kamikaze, Shooter or Melee, pretty much, or a -trap version, or a robo-version of an older enemy. Bandits, Brutes, Skags and Spiderants, with the occasional Raak

The bosses were General Knoxx-trap, you fight him twice (not in a row), he has the same abilities as he has when you fight him in his Armory, the electric shooty things, the jumpy thing with knockback, but nothing to heal him this time, which is nice

Then there is Commandant Steele-trap, you never actually fight her ingame before this DLC, but she's the woman at the end of the main game with the blue hair, who summons(?) the huge octopus alien thing. Her abilities are the same as those ninja girls from the Secret Armory DLC, really fast, lightsaber-swords, et cetera

Then you fight Doctor Ned-trap, and Undead Doctor Ned-trap from the Zombie Island DLC, same abilities, boringgg

Anyways, the exciting part is the final boss of the DLC and what happens afterwards
You fight a huuuge robot, the MINAC, which I put a picture of waaaay up there ^^^
The fight takes place in the same little field you get off the bus at the beginning of the game
I don't know if I glitched it, or what, though, because I just destroyed one of it's turrets and the whole machine broke down
When it breaks down, the cute little robot you meet at the beginning, the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap comes out and you fight it. It's no harder than Cluck-trap (mini boss, super easy Claptrap dressed like a chicken)

Anyways, easy bosses all around, might have trouble with knoxx-trap, and the mobs of enemies everywhere, but that's it

oh yeah, your prize for defeating the MINAC is 1-Free Skill point, and access to Hyperions storage room, it has...

like, around 15 Red Chests you can open, with vending machines down there, too
Even after you collect everything, exit the room and turn in the quest, you still have full access to the room
Yes, that means cheating the system to get awesome items :D

Anyways, I'm hoping for another DLC, but I'm doubting it, probably won't be one, so I'll just start on Play-through Two now, I suppose

(Long blog, I know, but I tried to explain all the main points of this DLC that I could)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Viva la Robolution! Starting off

Terminate all CL4P-TP? Fun!
Literally JUST downloaded the Viva la Robolution DLC for Borderlands about 15 minutes ago. The newest DLC, the difficulty settings are sort of weird. If you're playing it on Play-through 1, the enemies are levels ~60, but if you change to Play-through 2, they actually DROP to levels ~40, yeah, I was surprised, too

I actually quit playing for a while, once I finished the main quests for The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, just went back to it yesterday and finished it up, with The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned, and Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

Anyways, I have the Playstation 3 version, if anyone needs any help, I'm level 50 right now


That's my PSN name, go ahead and add me and pop me a message