Friday, October 8, 2010

Robolution Review

Spoilers: If you haven't beaten the most recent add-on for Borderlands, I wouldn't want to read now if I was you.

and finally, the review of the Glorious Robolution add-on for Borderlands.

I must say. Not as good as I was hoping. A lot of the same enemies, but revamped, which I wasn't expecting. Spiderants came back, eww, I hate them, and there were a LOT of them, 3 of the elemental ones on the screen at the same time is kinda hard to take care of

Not so many bosses, and the bosses we had were, OMG, revamps of old bosses.
Every enemy, pretty much, is either a Claptrap, Kamikaze, Shooter or Melee, pretty much, or a -trap version, or a robo-version of an older enemy. Bandits, Brutes, Skags and Spiderants, with the occasional Raak

The bosses were General Knoxx-trap, you fight him twice (not in a row), he has the same abilities as he has when you fight him in his Armory, the electric shooty things, the jumpy thing with knockback, but nothing to heal him this time, which is nice

Then there is Commandant Steele-trap, you never actually fight her ingame before this DLC, but she's the woman at the end of the main game with the blue hair, who summons(?) the huge octopus alien thing. Her abilities are the same as those ninja girls from the Secret Armory DLC, really fast, lightsaber-swords, et cetera

Then you fight Doctor Ned-trap, and Undead Doctor Ned-trap from the Zombie Island DLC, same abilities, boringgg

Anyways, the exciting part is the final boss of the DLC and what happens afterwards
You fight a huuuge robot, the MINAC, which I put a picture of waaaay up there ^^^
The fight takes place in the same little field you get off the bus at the beginning of the game
I don't know if I glitched it, or what, though, because I just destroyed one of it's turrets and the whole machine broke down
When it breaks down, the cute little robot you meet at the beginning, the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap comes out and you fight it. It's no harder than Cluck-trap (mini boss, super easy Claptrap dressed like a chicken)

Anyways, easy bosses all around, might have trouble with knoxx-trap, and the mobs of enemies everywhere, but that's it

oh yeah, your prize for defeating the MINAC is 1-Free Skill point, and access to Hyperions storage room, it has...

like, around 15 Red Chests you can open, with vending machines down there, too
Even after you collect everything, exit the room and turn in the quest, you still have full access to the room
Yes, that means cheating the system to get awesome items :D

Anyways, I'm hoping for another DLC, but I'm doubting it, probably won't be one, so I'll just start on Play-through Two now, I suppose

(Long blog, I know, but I tried to explain all the main points of this DLC that I could)

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