Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Day of the Dead

Mutalisks and Corruptors are the heroes of this story. This was the make it or break it game. Was I going to continue playing today? Or was I going to quit for ANOTHER week and come back whenever I next feel the urge to?

Well, we started the game, I started off thinking it was going to be TZvTZ, then I realized it was ANOTHER TTvTZ, me being the only Zerg. Doing something different this round, I spent the whole first 10 minutes only creating Spinecrawlers. Partner got in a scan, found out they both had starports and nuclear reactors, expecting air combat, started to make a loooot of Sporecrawlers, they'll come back into play later

I get some more Drones made, get more minerals, and start making a Spire
While my Spire is being built, my teammates base gets attacked by 4 Battle Cruisers, a LOT of other Terran air units, and a buncha Marines/Marauders
While he's spending time destroying my teammates base, he leaves and I get all his minerals. At first I was afraid I wouldn't have enough minerals to defend, but I got at least 3500 minerals AND gas, enough to make a lot of Mutalisks
While he's still destroying my partners stuff, I create around 15 Mutalisks, fly in and DESTROY EVERYTHING

A bunch of Mutalisks died, so I went back and made some more, with some Corruptors, I lied, the Corrupters didn't help, at all, really, I just liked the image.
Anyways, I think I'm going to win, from the left-over from the scan, all I can see are some few buildings, I fly in

This is the cool part

When I get there

Hear me out guys

There were


There were like, 10 Battle Cruisers, a bajillion other air units and a bunch of marines.

>my face when I see that

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