Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let me play you the RAGE of my peoples

I hate Starcraft II so much, no matter what race I play as, no matter what
tactics I use, what map I play on, 
nothing helps me.

Let me give you my little rage-vent of my day in the life of a Zerg King/Queen (would I be a queen, despite being a male, since the leader is the Queen of Blades?)

Started off doing a 2v2
Did pretty good, made a lot of Roaches, my partner was a Terran, he did MMM. We won, enemies didn't have good enough defenses, he messaged me afterwards saying I was good. I didn't even do anything, all my Roaches died. Anyways, I started playing games with him, next tried a Zergling-Rush. Failed miserably, we lost horrifically

I blamed it on the enemies just being insanely good, he agree'd, but I went to Terran. Game started, one of the opponents left, this'll be an easy win, WE THOUGHT.
Get to his base with a lot of Marines, he did MMM again. Get there, there are at LEAST a BAJILLION HYDRALISKS THERE TO MURDER US. I don't know how he got so many, and they kept showing up, there was NO END

Anyways, after that I tried a Hydralisk rush, couldn't get enough, failed, et cetera
Next tried a Mutalisk rush, failed again
Next another Zerg rush, failed again

Then the last match, I'll post that.

In another blog post, this is the lengthy one.

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